Sunday, 9 December 2012

CIVITAS plus Archimedes project in Brighton & Hove

CIVITAS ARCHIMEDES stands for “Achieving Real CHange with Innovative transport MEasures Demonstrating Energy Savings”. This motto unites the cities of Aalborg (Denmark), Brighton & Hove (UK), San Sebastian (Spain), Iasi (Romania), Monza (Italy), and Usti-nad-Laben (Czech Republic). They are driven by the ambition to increase the share of sustainable modes of transport, improve energy efficiency and provide safer and more convenient travel services in medium-sized urban areas.

Each of the six ARCHIMEDES cities is located in a different EU country including representatives from new European member states. Being small and medium-sized, they often lack the resources and leverage bigger cities have at their disposal. Yet, they are keen to demonstrate how they can still achieve the same objectives for clean and energy-efficient transport and sustainable development. They see innovative solutions as the key to success.

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