Sunday, 18 November 2012

Development of St. Augustine's convent

Planning application BH2012/03364 for the site at 1 Manor Road, East Brighton requires the demolition of this chapel and the refurbishment and conversion of the two detached villas on the site to provide 16 flats. The villas date from 1906. The chapel was added later.

St. Augustine's convent.

Six new buildings of 2 or 3 storeys will be erected around the site to provide 22 houses and 8 flats with associated car and cycle parking and landscaping. A tree survey showed a number of trees were in poor condition both on site and in nearby roads so expect to see a general denuding of what has been an almost rural corner of Brighton. A survey for bat roosts was also carried out but none were found at the time. The installation of bat detectors is recommended.

West elevation of proposed development.
Google Earth view of site


  1. I'm very interesting in hearing more about this development. The building has several listed features including original doors and windows.

  2. Local residents have recently erected signs on the building to complain about the proposed development

  3. approved


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