Monday, 2 April 2012

The Level Skatepark

On Saturday (March 31) Brighton & Hove City Council  held the first of three consultation events to find out what local people think of proposed designs for the new skatepark and its integration into the existing landscape. The other consultation events will be held at The Level on April 3 from 11am to 1pm and April 16 from 3pm to 6pm. Residents are invited to visit a marquee on The Level during these times where they can view the plans, talk to staff and leave their comments and suggestions.  Plans for the playground will also be on display.  Aternatively those interested can fill in a consultation questionnaire on line at:-

In the "After" visualisation above the skatepark is shown surrounded by a 3 metre wide planted border and a low (0.4 metre) timber retaining wall, see below. This wall seems an excellent feature which will help to protect and enhance the new plantings. However timber, no matter how treated, quickly becomes shabby-looking and is particularly subject to early rotting at the air/ground boundary. A 0.4 metre high rustic masonry wall in a style to match those around the edge of the north field would be more durable and better integrate the skatepark into the historic landscape.

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  1. Another possibility for better merging of the skatepark into the landscape would be to have the low wall, whether of timber or masonry, on the inside of the border. this would also provide continuous seating for the skatepark users.


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