Thursday, 8 April 2010

Sex Discrimination at the King Alfred

There is a prima facie case of sex discrimination in the poolside scheduling at the King Alfred in that there are several "women-only" sessions and no "men-only" ones. I am sure that is not of the slightest concern to any men until they suddenly find themselves, due to the economic exigencies of modern life, in charge of a pre-school son, daughter or grandchild.

It must be desirable that young children are first introduced to the water in a reasonably tranquil environment and evident that the general swimming sessions may not provide this.

Mothers & grandmothers have the opportunity to take toddlers at the women-only session on Wednesday mornings but men are barred from the pool at this time. This seems to almost hark back to Victorian times and the days of segregated beaches. Even if the original fear was of the pool becoming dominated by some kind of masculine boisterousness this is hardly likely to come from anyone in charge of a 2 to 4 year old. It is difficult to believe that anyone would object to a relaxation of the rules under these circumstances.

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