Tuesday, 27 April 2010

At the Fabrica

The light & sound installation by Brian Eno, Guest Artistic Director for this year's Festival, is wonderful. Enter the blacked-out gallery and relax on one of the deep comfortable sofas facing an array of monitor screens. Let the soft melodic soundtrack wash over you while the screens display an ever-changing mosaic of hand drawn patterns which soothe and entrance the eye. Such sounds of the outside world that penetrate this once religious building become insignificant and far away.

The work is entitled "77 Million Paintings", (but who's counting?) and the accompanying leaflet describes it as "Monumental in scale, duration and thematic scope" which "underscores our essential human and ephemeral nature". I felt it was like being inside a grown-up kaleidoscope but none the worse for that.  Well worth inclusion on your Festival 'must-see' list. Entrance is free.

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