The City's Commemorative "Blue" Plaques

A comprehensive list:

ADINSELL, Richard. 6, Chichester Terrace.
AINSWORTH, W Harrison. 5, Arundel! Terrace.
ALLAN, Elizabeth, 3, Courtenay Terrace, Hove.

BAGNOLD, Enid. Aubrey House, The Green, Rottingdean.
BARNETT, Dame Henrietta. 45, Wish Road, Hove.
BARRY, Sir Charles. St Andrew's Church, Waterloo Road, Hove.
BEAL, 2nd Lt. Ernest Frederick VC, 148 Lewes Road
BEARDSLEY, Aubrey. 31, Buckingham Road.
BEVAN, Robert. 17, Brunswick Square, Hove.
BLACK, Clementina. 45 Ship Street, Brighton
BLIND VETERANS UK. Sussex House, Abbey Road.
BONDFIELD, Margaret, MP. 14 Church Road, Hove.
BOUCICAULT, Dion. 6, Cavendish Place.
BOYLE, Dr. Helen. Aldrington House, 35, New Church Road, Hove.
BRANSFIELD, Edward RN. 11, Clifton Road.
BRIAN, W. Havergall. 130, Hillside, Moulsecoomb.
BRIDGE, Frank. 7, North Road.
BROWN, Capt. Sir Samuel. 48, Marine Parade.
BROWNE, Hablot Knight 8, Clarendon Villas, Hove.
BRYAN, Dora. 118, Marine Parade.
BURNE-JONES, Sir Edward. Prospect Cottage, The Green, Rottingdean.
BUSBY, Charles Augustin. (1) 11, Waterloo Place (removed for safe-keeping). (2) 2, Lansdowne Place, Hove.
BUTT, Dame Clara. 4, St. Aubyns Mansions, Hove.

CANNING, George. 101, Marine Parade.
CARDEN, Sir Herbert. 103, Marine Parade.
CARPENTER, Edward. 45, Brunswick Square, Hove.
CARVER, Deryk. Black Lion Brewery, Black Lion Street.
CHURCHILL, Sir Winston. (1) 29/30, Brunswick Road, Hove. (2) Lansdowne Road facade of (1).
CODRINGTON, Admiral Sir Edward. 139, Western Road. (Destroyed June 2020)
COMPTON-BURNETT, Dame Ivy. 20, The Drive, Hove.
CONSTABLE, John. 11, Sillwood Road.
COPPER FAMILY. 1, Challoners Cottages, Rottingdean.
CROSBY, Bing. The Brighton Centre, King's Road.
CUBITT, Thomas. 13, Lewes Crescent.

DALE, Antony. 46, Sussex Square.
DALZIEL, George & Edward, 8 Clifton Road.
DAST, Subedar, Mir. Pavilion Buildings.
DICKENS, Charles. Holiday Inn, King's Road.
DODGSON, Rev, Charles Lutwidge. 11, Sussex Square.
DOUGLAS, Lord Alfred. 1, S. Ann's Court, Nizells Ave, Hove.
DUKE OF YORK CINEMA. Preston Circus.
DUNBAR NASMITH HOUSE. 53, Brunswick Square, Hove.

EDWARD VII. 8, King's Gardens, Hove.
ELLIOTT, Henry Venn and Charlotte. St. Mary's Hall, Eastern Road.
ELWYN-JONES, Lord and BINDER, Polly. 17, Lewes Crescent.

FIFE, Duke of, and DEVONSHIRE, 6th Duke of. 14, Chichester Terrace. 1, Lewes Crescent.
FINES, Ken. Infinity Foods, North Road.
FITZHERBERT, Maria (1) 53, Old Steine. (2) St. John the Baptist Church, Bristol Road (exterior).
FRENCH, Ron. Hove Town Hall, Norton Road entrance.
FRIESE-GREENE, William. (1) 20b. Middle Street. (2) 9, Worcester Villas, Hove.

GILL, Eric. 32, Hamilton Road.
GLADSTONE, William Ewart. Royal Albion (ex-Adelphi) Hotel, Grand Junction Road.
GRIFFITH, Arthur Foster. Booth Museum. Dyke Road.
GUMBINER, Sam. Nile Street.
GUNN, Martha. 36, East Stree.t

HAMILTON, Patrick. 12, First Avenue, Hove
HARTY, Sir Hamilton. 33, Brunswick Square, Hove
HILL, Sir Rowland. 11, Hanover Crescent
HINDMARSH, Rear Admiral Sir John. 30, Albany Villas, Hove
HOBBS, Sir Jack. 13, Palmeira Avenue, Hove
HOBDEN, Dennis. Lower Esplanade, King's Road
HOLYOAKE, George Jacob. 36, Camelford Street.
HOVE TOWN HALL 54, Brunswick St.West, Hove (lost plaque to be replaced).

ISETTA FACTORY. New England Street/Boston Street (site of factory).

JEFFERIES, Richard. 87, Lorna Road, Hove.

KEMP, Thomas Read. (1) 22, Sussex Square. (2) The Temple, Montpelier Rd. (now B&H High School).
KEMPE, Charles Earner. Ovingdean Hall, Ovingdean.
KING, Dr. William. 2, Regency Square.
KIPLING, Rudyard. The Elm., The Green, Rottingdean.
KNOWLES, Sir James. 3, Percival Terrace.
KROPOTKIN, Prince Petr Alexeyevich, 8 Chesham Street.

LANDSEER, Sir Edwin. 65/66, Regency Square.
LEECH, John. 16, Lansdowne Place, Hove.
LIDIARD, Victoria. 14, Palmeira Avenue, Hove.
LUPINO, Ida. 4, Norman Road, Hove.

MANTELL, Dr. Gideon. 20, Old Steine.
MARLBOROUGH HOUSE. Old Steine (removed for safe-keeping).
MARSHALL, Ebenezer James. 80, Buckingham Road (relocated to No.79).
MARSHALL HALL, Edward. 30, Old Steine.
MARX, Eleanor. 6, Vernon Terrace.
MELLON, Harriot, Duchess of St. Albans. 1, Regency Square.
METTERNICH, Prince. 42, Brunswick Terrace, Hove.
MILLER, Max. (1) 25, Burlington Street. (2) 160, Marine Parade.
MIR DAST. Royal Pavilion Shop, Pavilion Buildings.
MOHAMED, Sake Dean. Queens Hotel, 1-3, Kings Road, Brighton
MOCATTA, David. (1) 38-39, Devonshire Place. (2) Brighton Station Concourse.

NOBLE, Ray. 1. Montpelier Terrace.
NEARNE, Lt. Jacqueline. 32 West Hill Street.

OLIVIER, Lord. 4, Royal Crescent.

PANDORA GALLERY. 132, King's Road
PARNELL, Charles Stewart. Dorset Court, Kingsway, Hove
POWELL,Margaret 222, Old Shoreham Road, Hove
PRESTON PARK. (1) North Gate originally held plaques commemorating opening. (2) South Gate, (a) 'Radynden' Gate showing origin of Sx martlet. (b) Plaque celebrating Roman villa (vandalised).

QUILTER, Roger. 4, Brunswick Square, Hove

RAMSAY, Peggy. 34, Kensington Place
RATTAGAN, Sir Terence. 79, Marine Parade
ROBINS, Elizabeth. 24 Montpelier Crescent.
ROBERTSON, Rev. Frederick William. (1) Holy Trinity Church, Ship Street. (2) 9, Montpelier Terrace. (3) 60, Montpelier Road.
ROBSON, Dame Flora. (1) 14, Marine Gardens. (2) 7, Wykeham Terrace.
RODDICK, Anita. 22, Kensington Gardens.
ROEDEAN SCHOOL 25, Lewes Crescent.
ROUND, John Horace. 15, Brunswick Terrace, Hove.
ROYAL PAVILION INDIA GATE Inscription on wall, duplicated by plaque.
ROYAL SUSSEX REGIMENT 20, Gloucester Place.
RUSSELL, Lord John. 14, Sussex Square.
RUSSELL, Dr. Richard. Royal Albion Hotel, Grand Junction Road.

ST.STEPHEN'S CHURCH. Montpelier Place.
SAMUEL, Israel. 22 East Street.
SAXBY, John. Brighton Station concourse.
SAYERS, Tom. 79-80, North Road.
SEA HOUSE HOTEL. Middle Street.
SIMPSON, Thomas. West Hove Infant School, Connaught Road, Hove.
SMITH, Sir C. Aubrey. 19, Albany Villas, Hove.
SMITH, George Albert (1) 18, Chanctonbury Road, Hove. (2) St. Ann's Well Gardens, Somerhill Road entrance, Hove.
SMITH, Horace. 12, Cavendish Place.
SOLOMON, Henry. Brighton Town Hall.
SPENCER, Herbert. 5, Percival Terrace.
SUSSEX COUNTY CRICKET CLUB. County Ground, Eaton Road. Hove.

TALLEYRAND Prince Maurice de. 9, Old Steine.
TATE, Maurice. 28, Warleigh Road.
THIRKELL, Angela. Aubrey House, The Green, Rottingdean.
THRALE, Henry and Hester. 77, West Street.
TILLEY, Vesta. 8, St Aubyns Mansions, Hove.
TROTOBAS, Michael. Capt. 3 North Place.
TURNER, Minnie. 13 Victoria Road.


VALIENTE, Doreen. 6, Tyson Place.
VOLK, Magnus. 128, Dyke Road.

WAGNER, Rev. H. M. and Rev. A.D. The Old Vicarage, Temple Gardens.
WATSON, Sir Wiliam. Poets House, Marine Drive, Rottingdean
WEBB, Charlie. 15, Frith Road, Hove.
WESTPHAL, Admiral Sir George Augustus. 2, Brunswick Square, Hove.
WILBERFORCE, Octavia, 24 Montpelier Crescent.
WILCOX, Herbert and NEAGLE, Dame Anna 18, Lewes Crescent.
WILDS, Amon Henry. The Western Pavilion, Western Road.
WILLIAM IV and QUEEN ADELAIDE. Royal York Hotel, Old Steine.
WILLIAMSON, James. (1) Cambridge House, Cambridge Grove, Hove. (2) 156, Church Road, Hove.
WOMEN'S SOCIAL & POLITICAL UNION. 9 North Street Quadrant.
WRIGHT, Captain, Theodore. 119, Lansdowne Place, Hove


ZEFF, Edward. Embassy Court, King's Road.

(Originally compiled by Eileen Hollingdale for the Regency Society of Brighton & Hove)


  1. Theres a plaque Marine Parade for Ivor Novello. Not a blue one though

  2. Theres a plaque for Ivor Novello on Marine Parade but not a blue one


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