Friday, 26 April 2019

A Plaque to the Dalziel Brothers

A plaque was unveiled today by the City Mayor Cllr. Dee Simpson at 8 Clifton Place where the brothers wrote their joint memoir 'A Record of 50 Years Work'. 

Much of the research for the plaque was carried out by Dr. Bethan Stevens of the University of Sussex. In her words; " The Dalziels had enormous cultural power at a key moment in history, shaping the way people visualised things. They produced landmark images, including all of the many illustrations to Lewis Carroll's Alice books of 1865 and 1871 as well as the numerous pre-Raphaelite illustrations to Edward Moxon's landmark edition of Tennyson's Poems (1857).

The Dalziels often worked with draughtsmen, household names such as John Tenniel, Dante Gabriel Rossetti, John Everett Millais, Arthur Hughes and Frederic Leighton. The final image was always a distinctly collborative production between the draughtsman and the engraver."

It is also possible that the brothers were instrumental in Lewis Carroll's choice, for 11 years, of 11 Sussex Square for his summer sojourns. 11 Sussex Square is also marked with a plaque.

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