Saturday, 29 October 2016

Pavilion Garden peccadillo

This small triangular area, just inside the Indian Gate to the Pavilion Gardens, was for many years covered with a shrubbery. The shrubbery concealed a gardeners' maintenance area but had become rather shabby with age and the effects of anti-social behaviour. When the area was given a general renovation last year it was decided to remove the shrubbery to open up the views across the Gardens as visitors entered through the Indian Gate. In this respect something of a success has been achieved

However, in place of the shrubbery, the area was laid to grass and this was quickly reduced to bare earth by visitors taking short cuts across it from the adjacent gate. The giveaway as to how this problems has now apparently been solved can be seen in the photo below. Grass doesn't grow on vertical surfaces!

The artificial turf has been laid as "an experiment". One wonders what would constitute failure. Early versions turned a horrid viridian green after a few months exposure to sunlight but presumably dyes are now improved. That seems only to leave widespread protest at the use of such artifice in a listed garden or the possibility of some eagle-eyed opportunist rolling it up for re-sale.

Aside from fencing, a much simpler solution seems to have been overlooked; lock the adjacent gate closed and direct visitors to the nearby gate on the east side of Pavilion Buildings, by the Pavilion Shop. Visitors entering here would have a far bigger paved area in which to dissipate and the temptation to take the previous short-cut would be non-existent.

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