Thursday, 24 March 2016

Trafalgar Arches alterations

Network Rail Infrastructure, bless them, are proposing the creation of an intriguing new restaurant space in the south-east corner of the Brighton station site. Planning application BH2015/04391 refers.

In this area in the 1880s, as part of the general expansion of goods services, a Parcel Office was constructed on 4 massive cast-iron columns together with a goods lift on the north side. This Parcel Office now serves as the Travel Centre and until fairly recently the nearly cubical space defined by the support structure was occupied by a vintners.

It is now proposed to entirely renovate and glaze this space to form a restaurant. During this work modern additions would be removed and Victorian features restored and revealed. Such features include the arcaded east wall of the old cab road, which will have its arches fitted with back-lit casement windows; windows on to the disused staircase, and on to the former goods yard; the brick jack-arched ceiling, and the goods lift cab.

To increase floor space a mezzanine floor with a glass balustrade will be inserted into the restored space and supported clear of the original structural ironwork on its own steel columns

The outside area will be landscaped with granite setts and red-brick edgings.

Proposed south elevation. To the left can be seen the substation partly blocking the pavement and preventing access to the old staircase.
One wonders if Network Rail will now be persuaded to open up the old staircase to allow easier access from the station concourse to the new restaurant and North Laine.

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