Monday, 15 February 2016

Travellers in Preston Park

A group of about 12 vans and associated vehicles have moved from Hollingbury golf-course  to the north-east corner of Preston Park. Those who adopt this alternative life-style could perhaps be regarded as helping to solve the housing shortage; but the general tax-paying public would look more kindly on them if they were subject to the same laws as everyone else. Needless to say there was not a parking warden in sight.

It is difficult to imagine that completion of the Horsdean site will make much difference. The number of caravans in the city far exceeds the 39 pitches being provided and at a charge of at least £60 a week why would any travellers willingly exile themselves to the city's boundaries when they have become accustomed to using parks and open spaces for free?

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  1. The situation wasn't helped by Caroline '5 Homes' Lucas declaring that Brighton under the Green Council was (quote) "The most Traveller-friendly city in the UK..." (unquote)


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