Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Aquarium Terraces development 2

The existing site
An earlier application BH2014/ 02654 for redevelopment of a near-derelict section of the Aquarium Terraces was withdrawn by the applicant, Brighton Seafront Regeneration Ltd., before the decision date. BSR Ltd. have now returned with a new application BH2015/02443 which addresses some of the criticisms levelled against the original design.

Block plan of new proposals showing existing buildings in orange,
Whereas in the first scheme the top storey of the new building presented an unbroken wall to passers-by in Marine Parade so obstructing views of the sea and seafront for 65 yards, in the new scheme this storey is now divided into two sections with a 10 metre gap between them.

View from Marine Parade of proposed new buildings.
The distance for which the passer-by is denied any glimpse of the sea is therefore halved by the new scheme.  The existing view of the seafront is hardly inspiring anyway. An additional bonus is that the new development will necessitate the removal of the existing unsightly roofs. The view of the seafront and sea through the 10 metre gap should therefore be an improvement on the present one.

The present view from Marine Parade.
For the design of the new buildings the architects have sought inspiration from the art deco De La Warr Pavilion in Bexhill; classic seafront architecture which will harmonise with the Van Alen building just across Marine Parade.

S.elevation from Madeira Drive of proposed new buildings

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