Sunday, 25 May 2014

The John Howard Cottages

Sir John Howard
These cottages, opened in 1922, were provided from the estate of Brighton philanthropist and engineer Sir John Howard as homes for convalescent nurses. They show the persistence into the 20th century of the distinctive Art & Craft style with a finesse that is somehow missing from later Tudorbethan efforts. Continuing the tradition of almshouses each home is a small miracle of comfort and compactness. Inside, solid oak furnishings continue the Art & Craft style, 'built-in' before the expression was heard of.
The cottages are unlisted, not visible from the public highway, and it is fortunate they have survived. In 2008 the Royal College of Nurses, who were the trustees, considered selling them but, after a successful campaign to save them,  trusteeship was transferred to the Vicar and Churchwardens of St. George's Church. 

They continue to provide 24 age-exclusive comfortable secluded homes for former nurses and carers.

Sir John Howard, who died in 1917, lived at Preston Place (now demolished). Sir John is buried in the Jewish Cemetery, Florence Place.

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