Sunday, 30 March 2014

The new Open Market

It crossed my mind to give the architect some credit for the way Brighton's most famous church is framed by the entrance to the new Open Market. But, on reflection, it is probably just due to the fortuitous alignment of Marshall's Row. If the matter had impinged at all on the architect's aesthetic sense he would surely have designed away the clutter of the canopy supports.

In other respects the Market seems to be an architecturally pleasing, airy space and has all the promise of being a vibrant, popular venue giving, as hoped, a boost to the whole London Road area. It is rapidly nearing completion and scheduled for full opening in May.

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  1. It will loo-less though. What are they thinking of??? That's most of the older and disabled population and women with young children not visiting straight away.

  2. Seems unbelievable!! What are the stall-holders supposed to do too, there all day? Do you know that for a definite fact The Poet Laura-eate?



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