Friday, 25 January 2013

Funding secured for new Level skatepark

Visualisation from south-west corner

The final funding for the new skate park at The Level is now in place - thanks to a £150,000 Olympic legacy grant from ‘Inspired Facilities’ funding which is part of the £135 million 'Places People Play' legacy programme. Every sports facility that receives funding will carry the London 2012 Inspire mark - celebrating the link to the Games.

The skate park is being developed as part of the Level Restoration Project but has been funded separately through a combination of council funding, developer contributions and grants, including £50,000 from Veolia Environmental Trust.

The skate park is being designed and built by Freestyle Skateparks. The company has been working closely with the Brighton & Hove Skateparks Association  to develop an exciting and innovative design which will suit skaters of all ages and abilities.

The facility will be constructed from polished concrete and sunk into the ground to the north of the Rose Walk. The sunken nature of the skate park will retain the open character of the northern part of The Level and keep its historic layout. Lighting seating, bins, cycle racks and signs will also be installed and a landscaped boundary with insect friendly and drought tolerant planting will be created.

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