Tuesday 6 March 2012

Saltdean Lido - response from a Councillor

Following a letter from the Saltdean Lido Campaign to The Council's Chief Executive John Barradell (Saltdean Lido Campaign calls for Chief Executive to get involved) the Argus has published a letter from Cr.  Geoffrey Bowden the Cabinet member for Culture who has been leading negotiations with the Lido leaseholder Denis Audley.

Cr. Bowden claims they are working as quickly as the law allows and that taking a repossession case to court is likely to fail. They remain committed to a solution and are invoking the law relating to listed buildings to pressurise the lessee into making repairs. A warning letter has been sent and a schedule of required works is being drawn up. This may lead to enforcement action which if ignored could lead to forfeiture of the building.
It has been established that the leaseholder is prepared to talk about surrendering the lease, although there can be no guarantees he will do so. Cr. Bowden says that the Council has no interest in delaying a solution.

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