Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Do a two - minute beach clean

Excellent idea.

A Visit to St. Wilfred's

St. Wilfred's, Elm Grove, grade II listed, was designed 1932-4 by modernist architect Goodhart-Rendell, a local resident, who also designed Prince's House in North Street. The style is said to be Rational Eclectic but showing influences of Norman Shaw and Charles Rennie Mackintosh. In other words it is pretty unique and Brighton is lucky it has survived albeit in the form of residential apartments. The conversion has, however, been sensitively handled.

Inside the tower.
The white walls are those of the inserted apartments. 
An original upper walkway

An added walkway

Narrow aisles allowed for a wide nave giving all worshippers a clear view of the altar.

St.Wilfred's has an added claim to fame in the murals that were added to the plain walls of the Sanctuary in 1940. These were by the Modernist artist Hans Feibusch.

LH wall, the Three Kings

Behind the altar, 'the Nativity'

RH wall, 'The Shepherds'
The murals deteriorated seriously after the church closed in 1980, due partly to a leak above the LH wall. They have now been restored thanks to a fund-raising campaign led by the Hyde Group who manage this property and contributions from American Express and Axis.

The area in which the murals are situated is self-contained within the building and above one end of the ground floor car-park. The possibility thus exists for the murals to be made accessible to the public by inserting a small staircase or lift. Phase 2 of this Hyde Group project is to raise the funds for this through a crowdfunding campaign.

Interest in the works of Hans Feibusch has soared in recent years with growing appreciaton of the Modernist Movement in the first part of the 20th Century. One of his murals in St.Mark's, Coventry, which is 40ft. high, is also undergoing restoration.

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

New safety measures for the Level

The improvements are:-

  • In the playground two play units will be modified and made ‘open sided’ so users can always be seen.
  • Park lighting will be improved. The central columns near the fountains will be raised to provide additional light over the lower park area near the pavilions. 
  • There are plans to install an additional police CCTV camera on a new column.
  • The council is also hoping to secure funding for a full time park manager to work at weekends as well as during the week, carrying out daily park-wide inspections and maintenance.
  • To help tackle litter problems, large bins will be installed on the edges of the park.
These improvements will compliment other measures to enhance safety on The Level introduced over the past few months. They include:-

  • Additional motion-sensitive lighting installed on the community pavilions;
  • Additional 24-hour monitored CCTV cameras, linked to the police station, , including a new one on the café building, bringing the total to 13.
  • Windows at the community pavilion reinforced with toughened protective layers
  • New signage on park noticeboards and inside community rooms giving people direct contacts to report concerns at the park.
  • City Parks staff carrying out litter picks and playground inspections at weekends.
  • Increased police visits and patrols including use of drug dogs
  • Community Safety partnership group expanding to include more council and community representative
  • Initiatives to attract public use of park outside normal hours have also helped increase community safety. The new café is now open 7 days a week, the two community rooms are used regularly and  the park offers varied a programme of volunteer- led activities, community group events and activities

For more information about events, activities and volunteering opportunities at the level visit:

After the Festival 2017

St. Peter's Open Space, north

Yellow grass can be tolerated since it eventually recovers but this area is badly churned up and will need levelling and turfing. The public is now denied use of this popular space for the rest of the summer. Should Fringe Events that cause this order of damage be allowed?

Monday, 19 June 2017

Trial to restrict Sale & Letting boards

From now until next June the council is trialling a one year pilot scheme in the Coombe Road area of Brighton which features terraced streets of houses set close to the pavement with clear geographical boundaries. There has been a high proliferation of residential sales and letting boards in the area, creating an unsightly environment for residents.

The council has consulted the Brighton & Hove Estate Agents Association and Southern Landlords Association in drawing up the scheme to promote alternative ways to advertise properties for sale or rent. Estate agent boards are already banned in certain Conservation Areas in the city.

Planning officers have drawn up guidance for agents to encourage a move towards the display of a single internal window sign or smaller wall-mounted sign attached flush to the front wall of the property.

Approval to set up a voluntary scheme was given by the Economic Development & Culture committee last November.

If successful, the trial may be extended to other affected areas of the city. The new Tourism, Development & Culture Committee will review the effects of the scheme next year.

The pilot has support from local groups and organisations such as Rent Smart Brighton and Hove, the Coombe Road Area Local Action Team and the Universities of Brighton and Sussex.

Friday, 16 June 2017

The ABBA plaque

In Church Street.
The Brighton & Hove Commemorative Plaque Panel (CPP) was not involved in the design or siting of the new ABBA plaque.

The CPP has, since 2006, standardised on glazed ceramic plaques on account of their high legibility and resistance to weathering. The ABBA plaque appears to have an enamelled surface. This has a high gloss surface which reflects light and washes out the lettering unless the viewer carefully positions him/herself. The blue/white contrast is also poor.

A CPP plaque on Pavilion Buildings
It is also somewhat surprising that Listed Building Consent was granted. A building like the Dome could be legitimately associated with many famous people and notable events. Will other requests for plaques be refused or will the Dome end up peppered with blue spots? It was to avoid this situation that the Mir Dast plaque was sited in Pavilion Buildings, outside the Pavilion Estate.

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

A Blue Plaque for Abba

A Blue Plaque to be unveiled at Brighton Dome honouring music legends Abba who launched their career after winning the 19th Eurovision Song Contest for Sweden at the Brighton Dome on 6 April 1974.

The plaque will be unveiled on BBC Music Day (Thursday 15 June) between 6.45pm and 7pm, live on BBC Sussex. Bjorn Again will be performing Waterloo in the Pavilion Gardens shortly after the unveiling and everyone is invited to come down and join in the celebrations.

A new Volks railway station.

Being loaded on to a transporter.

A new station for Brighton’s Volks Railway is due to be craned into position near the Sea Life Centre, tomorrow (15 June 2017)

Designed by Hove-based ABIR Architects and built by Boutique Modern at their warehouse in Newhaven, the new Volk’s Railway Aquarium station has just been loaded onto a lorry for delivery to Madeira Drive today. Estimated arrival time is around 8.30 – 9.00 pm.

Tomorrow morning the three elements of the modular building will be craned into their home on the beach on Madeira Drive.

The new building will house the Volk’s Railway Aquarium Station and a new visitor centre.

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

The Brighton Society

Join The Brighton Society to help protect our city.

If you contact the Society now you will receive a membership form, sample newsletter and a copy of the annual report. Membership costs £10 per year per household, £15 per organisation.

You can pay your subscription by cheque or standing order. Please remember to include your name, address, phone number and email address. Subscription address for correspondence below. Please make cheques payable to ‘The Brighton Society’.

Lyn Lynch White
Hon Treasurer, The Brighton Society
4 The Village Barn
Church Hill


Shelter Hall update 2017

Stanmer Park Restoration

Monday, 12 June 2017

New cycling map

A new online cycle map has been created by the city council to help cyclists in Brighton & Hove choose routes which suit how they like to ride. It shows features like cycle lanes and cycle contraflows as well as handy spots like cycle shops and parking.

The map is aimed at local cyclists wanting to know more about recent cycling improvements, and visitors looking for things like cycle hire and repair, traffic free routes or rural rides on the city’s downland fringe.

Map users can select the area they want to cycle in and look for the type of route they prefer. They can also add landmarks, street names, cycle parking, light-controlled crossings, cycle shops and repairs. Many more features suggested by local cyclists have been included.

There is also an option to print or save a copy of a customised map and to add notes. 

Some cycle lanes.
The council says it welcomes feedback from users, which can be sent via a link on the map.

The map will be updated regularly to include new features, such as the city’s forthcoming cycle hire service – due for launch in September.

The map can be found at 

Thursday, 8 June 2017

St. Wilfred's mural restored

A historically-significant mural in a converted Brighton church has been restored, thanks to a fundraising campaign initiated by the Hyde Group. The mural is the oldest surviving one in the UK but had suffered in recent years from a leak in the roof of the building. This has since been repaired, but left the mural damaged. The restoration to stabilise the plasterwork and bring it back to its former glory has been carried out by a specialist company.

The Nativity was painted on the walls of St Wilfrid’s church by renowned 20th Century artist Hans Feibusch. The artist is one of note in the art world, with paintings held at the National Gallery, and his personal collection is held at the Pallant Museum in Chichester.

Feibusch was a prominent artist in Germany between the World Wars. When the Nazis rose to power in 1933 he emigrated to England and undertook a number of commissions for the Chichester Diocese. His work has been exhibited at the Tate in London.

Hyde Group are now aiming to crowdfund further work to make the mural accessible for public viewing. 

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Temporary car-parking changes at RSCH

From Monday 12th June until Sunday 25th June the normal route to the multi-storey car park, from Bristol Gate across the hospital site, will be shut. This is to allow the delivery of large modules for a new building in the hospital.

During this period drivers should follow the signposted route (shown in blue on the image above) to reach the hospital’s multi-storey car park.

To help manage traffic during this period:
  • The bottom of Whitehawk Hill Road will be made one way (from north to south), as shown in red on the image below.
  • Parking bays next to the hospital on both Upper Abbey Road and Whitehawk Hill Road will be suspended.
Visitors are advised to allow extra time if driving to the hospital and wish to park in the multi-storey car park. If possible parking elsewhere is advised or to use a different way to reach the hospital. Links to information about using public transport to the hospital can be found on the RSCH information page.

Saturday, 3 June 2017

An Amble on the Arm

The Marina east arm to be precise. This arm is 0.7 miles long from the Undercliff to the end. A walk from the Marina bus-stop to the end and back is 2.5 miles.

The wave-screen. A swing or lifting bridge is planned which could eventually connect the end of this to the West Quay.