Saturday 3 March 2012

East Street improvements

The south end of East Street is now closed to vehicular traffic and work has started to raise the pavement so that the footway height will remain constant for those walking east-west on Grand Junction Road. Also to be implemented will be:-
  • A new ‘straight across’ pedestrian and cyclist crossing point on Grand Junction Road aligned with East Street.
  • Reversal of the one-way flow on the section of King’s Road behind Queen's Hotel.
The north end of East Street is already a busy, popular area but to the south the pavements are narrow and the seafront traffic a formidable obstacle.  This welcome scheme is intended to enhance the pedestrian connections between the key tourist destinations of The Lanes, Royal Pavilion and seafront, benefiting walkers and businesses, particularly those in the south of East Street, alike.

Surprising that no one thought of it before. . . . .

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