Wednesday 29 February 2012

Saltdean Lido Campaign calls for Council Chief to get involved.

After constant lobbying and campaigning over nearly 2 years the group have taken the decision to demand personal involvement from John Barradell, the Chief Executive of Brighton & Hove Council.  The Council are the freeholders and owners of the iconic building and legally could seek enforcement action to take the site back from the leaseholder who holds a 125-year lease, if they chose to do so.  In a report released by the Council this week, it states that Compulsory Purchase Order would be a last resort, despite plea's from the campaign group acting on behalf of local residents.

In a letter which was sent to Mr Barradell today the campaign group talk about a ‘blockage in the Council’ and go on to say there is ‘no cohesive plan of action or exit strategy in place’.  It is thought that the letter contains information relating to concerns about any health and safety matters at the site, operational concerns and the disrepair to the listed building.

Ms Crook, Chair of Save Saltdean Lido Campaign says: ‘Whilst we are encouraged by the efforts of some at the Council, there are serious matters that we have raised that it would appear the Council have chosen to largely ignore.  We believe that members of the public could potentially be at risk if using the site and are now demanding  personal involvement from Mr Barradell to investigate fully all the concerns we have raised.’

Ms Crook, goes onto say that ‘This a building of national importance, in fact it is 1 of only 3 seaside lidos still remaining and if the Council continue to have a laissez-faire attitude we will end up losing the building forever.  The Council have an obligation to ensure it is maintained to a satisfactory standard which by the omission of the Council itself is not the case, with 80 pages of major disrepair outlined on the last schedule of works.’

The campaign group will be speaking and asking questions at next weeks Culture, Recreation & Tourism meeting due to take place at Hove Town Hall on the 6th March at 4pm.  The Council will be providing an update on the situation verbally and there is a public gallery for members of the public who wish to attend.

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