Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Relocation of the Shelter Hall kiosk begins

The East Street Bastion
Work began today (Wednesday, 1 February) to relocate the Shelter Hall kiosk to the East Street Bastion. Prior to the installation, we carried out extensive consultations with residents, affected groups and the emergency services both as part of the planning application and separately.

The work has full planning approval and a highways licence.

Care has been taken to make sure the kiosk will be positioned in a way that means emergency access is not obstructed. The area has been assessed by transport planners. They took into consideration the turning circles of vehicles going onto the lower promenade.

The area around the kiosk will still be available and the East Street bastion will still provide a large parking area for emergency services’ co-ordination and operation within this location of the upper promenade during emergencies.

All emergency services have access to keys so they can get onto the lower promenade when gates are locked.

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