Tuesday 14 February 2017

Railings failings

When so much money has been spent and so much of the seafront in the i360 area restored to a high standard, it seems a shame to settle for railings fabricated from apparent scaffolding poles. Especially as they are adjacent to the restored West Pier entrance kiosks.


  1. On a recent visit (and from these photos) you can see pockets cast in the concrete edge, which would be for final railings. The current ones are the kind of 'temporary' off-the-shelf railings we use in construction until the final ones are fabricated. They are safe and functional, but far from fitting to be left in place long-term next to such a prominent tourist attraction. they really are out-of-place. Does anyone know if they are due for replacement?

    1. I suspect that might be a vague ambition. Perhaps someone will enlighten us. (with target dates)

  2. Gosh, I hate when we have to put up with such characterless railings like this. Railings can really make or break a place. It's a short post but totally on point.
    (I love your blog, by the way! Moved to Brighton for PG study in September last year, and it's great to have a source like this to find all about this place).


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