Wednesday 15 June 2011

Tarner Park & Tower

A new website has been set up "The Tower of Tarner" which has, as one of its worthy objectives, the recording of  the restoration of the tower. It would be good to see the tower capable of being opened occasionally for its original purpose as an observation tower.

One of the posts "Myth Busting Tarner Tower"on the new website, sheds light on some inconsistenceies in the potted history provided by Timothy Carder in "Encyclopaedia of Brighton". Apparently there was once a taller tower at "Tower House" at the top of Sussex Street, now almost lost to memory even though it wasn't demolished until the 1960s.  It is evident that it is to this tower that the EOB refers, but over time it has become conflated with the surviving tower.

I fear the view of the sea from the surviving Tower will now be largely blocked by the new American Express building. I hope I am wrong.

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