Friday, 10 June 2011

Council buildings to get solar panels

Schools, offices and car parks will become mini electricity-generating stations under one of the biggest programmes of solar panel installation so far seen in Brighton & Hove. The city council has drawn up a list of 40 non-residential properties, including schools, office buildings, leisure centres and multi-storey car parks, as ideal sites for photovoltaic (PV) panels. Officials have  twenty three thought likely to be money-spinners, with another 17 regarded as ‘possibles’.  Among those thought to be most promising are Blatchington Mill School, Russell Road car park and the Prince Regent swimming complex.

In a separate move, the authority is also looking at using council homes and blocks of flats, potentially increasing the number of buildings generating power.

From a City Council press release.


  1. Don't get me on this subject. The lovely tariff these mini generators received ( something like 48p a kilowatt) is financed by you and me thro' the surcharge levied on all our energy bills.

    Give council workers extra long woollen underpants and heavy jumpers and turn off the heating in winter. In summer, spray them with water.

  2. It is the option these days of using solar energy. With that we may help the economy and the environment as well. With that we may have a mini generating system that would provide energy to our homes.

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  3. It seems worth giving solar panels a try and future developments might make them more visually acceptable. Does anyone know however how the carbon emitted during their manufacture compares with the carbon saved during their operating life time?

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