Monday 13 June 2011

Amex Stadium car park

A 1.41 acre, wedge-shaped piece of land sandwiched between the A27 and the railway land at Falmer has been assigned to the Amex Stadium on a 125 year lease at market value. It is for use as a car-park, which it has been for some time, so this announcement appears only to formalise the situation. 

The car park is for 119 spaces and would provide parking on match days for staff and players at the football club, as well as people with disabilities attending matches. On non-match days the stadium can use the car park for staff and visitors.  Since the railway line runs between the car park and the stadium, it is quite difficult to see how disabled visitors will complete their journey but I suppose the stadium planners have that covered. 

Use of the land is in line with the existing planning consent for the stadium which includes consent to provide a car park on land which was previously let as part of the Park Wall farm tenancy.   

Council press release.

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