Thursday 19 May 2011

Seafront Chalets

Ten years or so ago this part of the lower promenade would have presented a vibrant scene in summer, and throughout the year on sunny weekends. Situated opposite the childrens' paddling pool (now filled in) and the Brighton Sailing Club beach, yet removed from the crowded West Street area, these chalets were keenly sought after and none remained vacant for long. Each was fitted with a small canopy and between each chalet was a gap in the paving with an euonymous plant  adding a touch of greenery to the scene. Some occupiers even managed to get a few flowers to bloom.

No doubt they had been neglected by the Council and needed substantial overhaul. They also needed substantial overhaul in the poverty-stricken days following WW2, but the money was found somehow. However, in the first decade of the 21st century, money was apparently so tight that the Council was forced to board them up in the Micawberish hope that something would "turn-up". In this case the hope hung on cash trickle-down from the i360 project which after 5 long years of waiting has still not materialised,  indeed seems to be rapidly fading into the distance. In the meantime the Council has been losing thousands of £'s every year in rent (which would surely by now have paid for  renovation) and looks set to continue to lose it indefinitely while denying residents the use of chalets that are in high demand. 

Is this really a good way to run the City?


  1. It can't be beyond the wit of man (begging a question about the occupants of Town Hall posts) to come up with a leasing/privatisation scheme. What are they afraid of? That they'd be occupied by illegal immigrants or smugglers?

  2. Yes, there must be many who would willlingly take on a chalet whatever its condition and refurbish it at their own expense. Not an enormous project for anyone, they are only the size of a bathroom. Presumably there isn't be any serious structural problems or the promenade above would have had to be closed.


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