Wednesday 4 May 2011

The RSC Hospital redevelopment

Notwithstanding the country's current economic difficulties the redevelopment project for the Eastern Road site seems to be chugging on. After numerous liaison meetings with local residents and city-wide amenity groups the Brighton and Sussex Universities Hospital Trust have produced 'final' drawings of their £400M proposals.

All the buildings along the north side of Eastern Road are to be demolished. The Charles Barry building and chapel behind will be replaced with  a block of the same height while to the east three tall narrow blocks of wards fan out slightly towards Eastern Road to ensure each ward has something of a sea-view. The Kemp tower behind will remain the tallest building on the site and will be provided with a helicopter pad supported on four lattice-work columns one at each corner of the tower.

The view of the Barry facade up Paston Place will be replaced with one of a balconied bay structure which seems to harmonise fairly well with the local architecture, and the entrance of the hospital is removed to the east as shown below.

Construction work is expected to take 10 years and  disruption in the neighbourhood  cannot help but be considerable. The hospital will continue in operation the while, which is going to need some difficult juggling with ward space. A planning application is expected to be submitted within the next couple of months.

South elevation
For further drawings click on the pdf link here.

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