Friday 27 May 2011

Church Street

There is  a pleasing conjunction of different sets of horizontals in this view which suggests that modern architecture does not inevitably mar a streetscape: but the scene would be significantly the poorer without the 150 year-old Waggon & Horses as counterpoint. . .  However, the Waggon & Horses will  soldier on into the indefinite future, whereas the still modern-looking American Express building is reaching the end of its economic life and may disappear within a relatively few years. The replacement Amex building can just be seen topping-out beneath the cranes on the left.


  1. im confused, why is this being demolished? why not just sell it? and what will take its place if it does get demolished?

  2. As far as I know no application for demolition has been made but it was built and equipped before the internet age, specifically to meet the needs of American Express at that time. I can understand that modernisation or conversion might not be economic.


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