Friday 16 June 2017

The ABBA plaque

In Church Street.
The Brighton & Hove Commemorative Plaque Panel (CPP) was not involved in the design or siting of the new ABBA plaque.

The CPP has, since 2006, standardised on glazed ceramic plaques on account of their high legibility and resistance to weathering. The ABBA plaque appears to have an enamelled surface. This has a high gloss surface which reflects light and washes out the lettering unless the viewer carefully positions him/herself. The blue/white contrast is also poor.

A CPP plaque on Pavilion Buildings

It is also somewhat surprising that Listed Building Consent was granted. A building like the Dome could be legitimately associated with many famous people and notable events. Will other requests for plaques be refused or will the Dome end up peppered with blue spots? It was to avoid this situation that the Mir Dast plaque was sited in Pavilion Buildings, outside the Pavilion Estate.

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