Wednesday 21 August 2013

A Level success?

The fountain area
Although the restoration scheme for the Level is not yet complete it may not be too soon to call it a resounding success. This is if the popularity of the children's play section & fountains is anything to go by. Ever since it re-opened and the weather has been dry it has been packed. Which just goes to demonstrate what a need there was for such play facilities in this area. One hopes the grassy areas will stand the strain.

It is good to see the pergolas re-erected and the twin pavilions renovated. If there is any criticism to be made it is that the original footprint of the boating lake has not been sufficiently emphasised so recalling the purpose of the bridges. This could have been easily achieved with contrasting paving for the wet area and more jets each side of the bridges. These are perhaps merely quibbles of a heritage-minded perfectionist. On the whole it looks good and will improve as all the new plants grow to maturity.

Petanque area
What is now a quiet area for rest & relaxation was formerly the skate park and might still be if some vociferous opponents of the scheme had had their way.

Skate park
With more space than the original site allowed the new skate park promises to be one of the best in the country, and the north-west triangle of the Level is now in the course of being returned to grass to compensate for the area lost.

The Level restoration came about mainly by the hard work & determination of a small team of Council Officers and may turn out to be the most successful Council project in living memory.

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  1. Hurrah! We have youngsters staying this weekend, so will go and scope it out...a treat for them and us!


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