Wednesday, 26 June 2013

The Level looking good . . .

Looking north-east

Looking north-west
The south section of the Level, scheduled to open in July, is already promising to exceed expectations in attractiveness and play facilites. It suggests that the decision to move the skate-park to the north field will be seen to have been fully vindicated notwithstanding strong opposition. Leaving it in the south would have resulted in a cramped, unbalanced design. Set against the overall benefits the loss of less than a quarter of the north field to a landscaped skate-park pales into insignificance.

An official celebration opening ceremony is scheduled for September.

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  1. Thank you for always keeping us informed of this and other developments in the B & H area. You provide a most useful service, and it's appreciated by many, I'm sure.

  2. I think you are completely wrong. The south end looks totally crammed with stuff (much of it herbaceous borders surrounding small play areas - a recipe for ruin) and is totally unbalanced with the enormous bulk of the café looming in one corner. The skatepark even when viewd through the fencing appears huge and foreshortens the view across the grass making The Level look smaller and cramped. Those three thousand people who petitioned against the skatepark move will, sadly, be proved right. The proof of the folly of this design will, of course, not become apparent to those like yourself until a number of years has passed and the Lottery maintenance money has run out and it is left to the Council to maintain the whole complicated area - the Council with its proven track record of allowing areas like The Level to slowly decay: viz. The Level and Rose Walk.

  3. You are right 'keepusgreen' the Level had been allowed to decay to become a most unattractive area of Brighton. But let's look on the bright side. Even if your gloomy forecast is proved correct at least for a few years we will be able to enjoy a Level looking a lot better than it did.


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