Monday 10 June 2013

Puget's Cottage

This Google Earth view shows Timpsons, 15 North Street and Puget's Cottage behind. The latter is not visible from the public highway. They date from c.1770 and c.1700 respectively and thus are among the oldest properties in the Old Town. They are wonderful examples of the pre-Regency vernacular and exemplify the variety of different building materials that were used 300 years ago. This included, bungaroosh, cobbles and non-local ironstone which was used as ship's ballast and left by ships on the beach when they took on cargo.

Both properties are scheduled for demolition as part of the Hannington Lane development. This is a splendid project but would be even better if the plans could be modified to include the restoration and preservation of these properties as an attractive and informative heritage feature. 

To assist in this aim an application has been made to English Heritage for spot-listing of both properties.

 Puget's Cottage, w. elevation
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  1. West Register (Property Development) Ltd. Part of the RBS Group.

  2. thank you for bringing this to my attention. Amazing building! It needs to be seen , not hidden like this. To think this was around before any of the shops in North Street. Just brilliant. I hope it's saved along with Timpsons.

  3. Leave them alone!!

  4. We really do need to get puget's cottage, Brightons heritage saved. Hope the plans can be reconsidered.


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