Sunday 4 November 2012

Old Steine café extension

Planning application BH2012/03095 details proposals for an extension on the garden side of the café to provide all-weather shelter for customers. 

This is an ex-tram shelter/public toilet, grade II listed in 1993. It was designed in 1926 in the 'International Style' by the Borough Engineer, David Edwards. The walls are of reinforced concrete and the glazing bars of steel. The original toilets were accommodated in a deep  basement. Near the centre, two sections of the wall project to form a recess with a pair of entrances which now accommodate toilets adapted for disabled people. The deep overhanging roof steps out over this centre section. 

The proposed extension will be detailed and finished in sympathetic style but will fundamentally alter the building's form. Although there is no shortage of indoor café accomodation in the area the extension  may be necessary to ensure the ongoing maintenance and preservation of the building.

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