Monday 2 July 2012

Valley Gardens consultation- update

Following a public consultation in March; see Valley Gardens consultation a report recommending councillors ask officials to draw up some designs goes to the transport committee on July 10.  If approved more public consultation would follow.

The council’s view is that this area which follows the line of the A23 between the Level and the Palace Pier is spoilt by complicated traffic systems and clutter, is difficult to cross from east to west and visually unattractive.

Suggestions being looked at include simplifying traffic flows, possibly moving all vehicles to one side of the gardens, rather than surrounding them.  This might enable linking the park to key attractions such as the Royal Pavilion, Dome complex and North Laine.

Making the area more pleasant for cyclists and pedestrians is a possibility, along with better access for buses and taxis.

Water features fed by rainwater or the ancient underground Wellesbourne stream would be investigated.  Wild downland flowers and grassland could be featured, as part of ecological improvements helping meet the city’s ambitions to become a UN Urban Biosphere Reserve.

Street wifi could make the space more heavily used by business people and students, alongside areas for picnics, play and performance.

Inspiration is being drawn from projects elsewhere such as Islington’s Newington Green, which was transformed from a traffic island into a popular community park.

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