Sunday 15 July 2012

Carlton Hill - save the flint wall.

The garage site looking south-west
Following an earlier planning application (see Carlton Hill's flint walls) which was withdrawn, the applicant has come back again.  Planning applications BH2012/01811 and 01812 are for 5 storeys of flats and office space on the old garage site next door to the listed Mighell Street farmhouse, and they still call for demolition of the ancient flint wall. This notwithstanding that the Carlton Hill CA Character Statement recognises the visual and historic importance of this wall to the streetscape. The statement describes the wall as imposing, and properly calls for its retention and restoration as part of any development of the site behind.

The wall
The architect evidently proposes, with what seems an almost derisory gesture, to compensate for the wall's loss by incorporating a modern flint section in the ground floor wall of the development.

The flint section is shown in grey.
I hope the architect, who gives an address in the Philippines, is told by the planning committee to think again and build behind the wall. He also need to do some homework on local history. He refers to the area as "Hilly Laines"!


  1. seriously??? its a fucking wall, not a statue.

    brighton has a massive housing issue, a flint wall should not stop people getting new homes. people want more flint walls move to fucking cornwall or some shit.

  2. Yes, that's certainly a point of view. And all those adjectives make your argument SO persuasive. Thanks for the contribution.

  3. There's no flint in Cornwall.


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