Saturday 15 October 2011

The Royal Escape continued

Continued from: The Royal Escape.

The mate of the Surprise was one Dick Carver who, on October 15th, 1651 had carried the King through the surf to the boat. Dick was a life-long Quaker and a descendent of the protestant martyr Deryk Carver who lived in the Black Lion Brewery the site of which, in Black Lion Street, is marked with a plaque.

After the King's restoration Dick Carver also sought recognition of his services and, when being asked what he wanted, he simply requested the release of imprisoned Quakers. Thousands were in prison at this time either for failing to attend church, blasphemy or unlawful assembly. In the event only six were released but they included John Bunyan who had been in and out of prison for years for his nonconformism. Although Bunyan was not a Quaker, the Society of Friends had interests in common with him and had taken up his cause. He was never rearrested.

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