Friday 7 October 2011

Plans submitted for London Road Coop

A planning application BH2011/02417 has been submitted to demolish the London Road Coop and to erect 3 to 6 storeys providing 407 units of student accommodation and 4 retail units (A1) at ground floor level with new service area vehicular access from Baker Street and landscaping works.

It is proposed that the student accommodation should be managed by Fresh Student Living, a specialist Student Accommodation company, who have provided a 16 page management plan which is included with the application.

The proposed design is uninspiring. The jumble of random rectangles presented by the London Road elevation seems devoid of any aesthetic message, the architect being determined to deny the eye any sense of rhythm or continuity of line.

It is difficult to see that this is a suitable area for student accommodation and that such an influx will do anything to assist the regeneration of the London Road shopping area.


  1. When you drew attention to this development in one of your earlier posts, I mentioned that I didn't think that such a large number of student would be good for the regeneration of the London Road area. I stand by that. What this area needs is a big name brand (and by that I don't mean another big supermarket!) to encourage other retailers (and customers) into the area.

    It does not need yet more identikit flats that make it look like it could be in any other UK City. It does not need more shops selling cheap booze and late night takeaways to a student population.

    I understand the need for affordable accommodation in the city. But I don't think we are going to build on the strong community feeling which already exists within the London Road area by adding such a large number of students into the mix.

    And then there is the design of the building. Clearly the cost of renovating the existing Co-op building would be prohibitive. However, we shouldn't get rid of such an important part of the city's history in one fell swoop. Is there not some middle ground here that the council is all too eager to overlook eg. Keeping the frontage of the building at least as they did with the Altolusso Appartment complex in Cardiff.

    What do others think?

  2. It looks like something out of a very cheap video game.

  3. I've only just spotted this. Some time ago I emailed the John Lewis Partnership suggesting that they take over the site. Needless to say I received no response - even tho I said it would be worshipped by me and all my friends....! Jacqui Rush

  4. Jacqui, I believe others have suggested John Lewis. Brighton is definitely NOT a 'must have' location for high-class retailing, and London Road is not a good area within Brighton. I'm sure John Lewis have a very clued-up development department and they may have asked themselves how they could succeed in a location where the Coop couldn't. Or why the old- established Hanningtons in a much more favourable location also couldn't make a go of it. Maybe Brighton's particular social class demography has something to do with it . .

  5. I am sad to hear this was rejected. This old ruin is pulling down the London Road area and we could now be stuck with it for many years to come (just like the old cinema on Portland Road). Thanks to all those who rejected it, we stuck looking a derelict and graffiti in this area for years to come. My lord I hope the council see above the clouds of those that rejected this development. The area is desperate for development.


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