Tuesday 6 September 2011

The strange case of the reappearing "i"

This twitten, leading from Bond Street to the Church Street multi-storey car park, did not exist until the 1980's when the car park was built. It was created by rebuilding the property in Bond Street to which the nameplate is affixed. 

Some years ago a  nameplate appeared high on the opposite wall of the twitten and the fixing holes can still be seen there. It was a rather cheap-looking plastic sign and lacked the Council logo. It declared "Bond Street Laine", again sporting the errant "i". 
Surely all Brightonians know that  "Laine" derives from the different areas into which Brighton was once divided: North Laine, Little Laine, Hilly Laine etc. and was never applied to a twitten or alleyway.  

When the writer made this offence against historicity and correct  terminology known to the Council, the sign was replaced within weeks, in the same place, this time in the Council's standard design and this time with the correct spelling. So it remained for several years until the above appeared.

The new location is more useful but the reappearance of the spelling error is quite inexplicable. 

Why not join me and email: lines.signs@brighton-hove.gov.uk

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