Monday 12 September 2011

The strange case of the reappearing "i" continued

Continued from: The strange case of the reappearing "i".

The name "Bond Street Laine" arises from a report, dated 27th July 1981, to the Highways & Transport Committee, by the then Borough Engineer, M.E Kearns. The developers of nos.12 & 13 Bond Street had laid out this footpath which gives access to the maisonettes above 12 & 13, as well as the Church Street car park. The suggestion to name it "Bond Street Laine" came from the developers and, in his report, the Borough Engineer simply endorses the name without question.

The Borough Engineer's report was considered by the Highways and Transport Committee meeting on 17th August 1981 who accepted it without debate. Evidently no one on the committee was sufficiently well-versed in Brighton's history to challenge the spelling of "laine" or to have an inkling that further advice should be sought.

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