Friday 9 September 2011

Living with . . . sash windows.

This is the latest title in the series of fact sheets "Maintaining period buildings" issued by the Regency Society. The previous titles were "Living with . . . bungaroush" and "Living with  . . . lath & plaster". All three pdf's provide expert advice & tips and should be priority reading for the city's many  owners of Georgian & Victorian buildings. 

"Living with sash windows ends" with some notable "don'ts".
• Replace a cill with green (new) oak or pine.  
• Glue joints with internal grade PVA glue – use marine PVA glue 
instead, as it will withstand the weather better.  
• Use lubricating oil to ease the sashes.   
• Use large nails to fit stop beads, or any nails at all on the parting 
• Use any other type of rope than waxed cord.   
• Fit modern pulleys, which are usually made of tin plate and are 
brass plated and not cast. As a result they may rot or break within 
a few years.  
• Even think about UPVC replacement windows.    


  1. I tell anyone who'll listen that taking out their sash windows (in Victorian homes) and replacing them with UPVC will reduce the value of their property by more than double the cost of the replacement windows.

    If you're worried about draughts, heating costs or noise hang decent, heavy curtains. So much better!


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