Saturday 19 February 2011

Passacaglia & Fugue

  • "Passacaglia" 1998. Charles Hadcock's best known work.
  • "Fugue". The West Pier; a joint work by Eugenius Birch 1866, and the 'Ravages of Time & Arson', 1975 to the present.
  • "Passacaglia & Fugue in C minor by J S Bach, c.1710.
Charles Hadcock studied fine art at the Royal College of Art. His first solo exhibition was in London in 1991 at the Royal British Society of Sculptures in Old Brompton Road. It explored Charles' unique  interpretation of the key elements of mathematics, music, earth texture and engineering. Many of his public works are cast in iron and can be seen in numerous sites in London and around the country including "Verticil" in Hanover Square, London.


  1. The sculpture was originally one section larger on the left hand side but the section below the jutting out piece cracked. It was removed for repair. When the sculpture was returned to the seafront in November 2007, the part of it that had cracked, forcing its removal, was not replaced. This has changed the appearance of the sculpture but was done with the agreement of the artist.



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