Sunday, 31 October 2010

White Night

Brighton was more than usually  the place to be on Saturday evening. People of all ages seemed to have turned out in record numbers, many in fancy dress, to enjoy the mild, windless evening and enter into the spirit of the occasion.

The Lanes Ghost Walk had a huge following: table tennis was being played in New Road: a large queue snaked around the Pavilion Gardens waiting to enter the Royal Pavilion: and the Dome Foyer Bar, with atmosphere transformed by continually changing coloured lighting, was doing a roaring trade.

Dream Machine - BANG at Marlborough House

Urban Enlightenment - Ben Gold, Jubilee Square

In the Epiphany Dome in Kensington Street people were invited to record their personal life-changing epiphanies  . . . . . .

 . . .which were then projected on to the wall of an adjacent buildings.

These were just a few of the 60 separate events or activities. I was told by an eye-witness that at 6.30 am this morning people were still dancing at the Bandstand. That counts as a successful evening I think.

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