Tuesday 26 October 2010

Crazy allotment rules

Letter to the Argus,  26th October 2010:-

"The newly issued Brighton and Hove Allotment rules prevent allotment tenants composting their household compost bin and green waste on their allotment.
Rule 7.2 states: “Waste from external sources, including green waste, may not be deposited on the allotment or any other part of the site. Abuse will result in immediate tenancy termination and prosecution.”
Hazardous and polluting waste, yes, I couldn’t agree more. But a ban on green waste and kitchen potato peelings? On an allotment?"
Fran Torr, Dover Road, Brighton

The Council is very keen to reduce the amount of waste going to landfill, as are Council tax-payers, but has not so far set up separate "green waste" collections to this end. Yet allotment-holders are surely most likely to be those with small or non-existent gardens who are unable to compost vegetable waste at home. Is there really any objection to them conveying this to their allotment compost bin, where it would form only a small proportion of the total vegetable waste produced by their allotment?
No doubt the Council is anxious to avoid abuse, but the rules immediately following 7.2  seem specifically addressed to this point, viz:-

"7.3  The bringing on site and use of polluting materials such as tyres, asbestos, glass and carpet shall be treated as illegal disposal of waste and will result in immediate notification and referral for prosecution.

7.4  The bringing on site and use of rubble and hardcore for paths and other forms of construction is prohibited. The bringing on site of tyres, plastic or metal materials such as shelving, angle iron or bath 
tubs - as well as other timber and plastic materials not relating to crop production is prohibited. Bringing such materials on site will result in a notice and possible termination."

The rules do seem to have been drafted with insufficient forethought. It is difficult to see why importing half a bucket of potato peelings could theoretically result in "immediate tenancy termination and prosecution"!  While bringing an unlimited (apparently)  amount of tyres, plastic, old shelving & bath tubs will only produce "a notice and possible termination". 

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  1. be nice to get on the plot (eastbrook farm)


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