Friday 12 March 2010

Connaught 125 Day

On Saturday March 20th from 11am to 3pm the Connaught Centre will be celebrating its 125th year as an educational institution with a full programme of events which can be viewed at the City College website here
Brighton Society, which was recently successful in getting listed building grade II status for the building, will be exhibiting  a collection of photographs which highlight why the building is special. Victorian buildings like this were very well built and with good maintenance and modernisation can be expected to give good service indefinitely; certainly for  much longer than many modern replacements. Because of this there is a growing campaign throughout the country to get distinguished old school buildings renovated rather than demolished and the Society will be exhibiting photographs and press-cuttings to illustrate this campaign.

A further display entitled "About Hove - Name this Place" invites visitors to name the locations of 24 photos taken in Hove streets, some easy, some difficult. This is a joint event by Brighton Society & Hove Civic Society. Entry is free and the entrant identifying the greatest number of locations will win copies of  "Hove & Portslade through Time" and "Britain in Old Photographs, Hove", both by Judy Middleton. Prize sponsored by Hove Civic Society.

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