Wednesday 17 January 2018

Litter-picking opportunities

Tidy Up Team member Judy Richardson with litter collected by 11 volunteers in Stanmer Park.

BHCC is setting up the Tidy Up Team - trained volunteers who pledge to spend some of their free time picking up litter in their local park. All Tidy Up Team will be  provided with equipment, materials and tools to collect and dispose of litter safely.

They will be supported by the council’s grounds maintenance and City Clean staff who work hard to keep the city’s green spaces and parks litter free.

The project is being co-ordinated by the council’s Rangers who came up with the idea after residents came out in force to support Great British Spring Clean events last year.

Around 70 volunteers have already signed up for the scheme and are undergoing training. They are asked to spend at least 15 minutes each week picking up litter – there is no maximum time limit and they are encouraged to spend as long as they like! They should also own a mobile phone and have access to email and the internet.

As well as carrying out their own litter picks in their local green spaces, volunteers can join organised monthly litter picks in some of the city’s most problematic areas. Forthcoming events include:

East Brighton Park – BIG Tidy Up Sunday February 4th from 11am
Three Cornered Copse - Great British Spring Clean Saturday March 3rd from 10am
Brighton & Hove Way BIG Tidy Up - Stanmer Woods/Upper Lodges, Sunday March 4th, 10am to 12 noon
Preston Park – #StreetsAhead/Tidy Up Team launch event Sunday March 4th 11am
Victoria Park, Portslade – BIG Tidy Up 14th April

Tidy Up Team volunteers are also encouraged to set up their own litter pick events.

Anyone interested in becoming a Tidy Up Team volunteer can visit the council website and fill in an online form. They will then be added to the waiting list for a training course.

Any questions should be emailed to city parks  or telephone 01273 292929.

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