Saturday 12 August 2017

How the BA i360 was built

In the i360 beach building an interesting exhibition is open to the public until, come winter, the pod starts loading and unloading from the lower promenade level.

Interesting facts about the construction:
The 4,150-tonne concrete foundations are 3 metres deep.
7,200 tonnes of natural beach shingle was excavated during construction and returned to the beach at Shoreham, to help reverse the longshore drift.
The 162-metre-high tower consists of 17 steel cans that were bolted together using 1,336 bolts.
The steel cans vary in thickness from 85mm at the base to 20mm at the top.
The pod is 18 metres in diameter and is 10 times the size of a London Eye capsule.
The glass panels of the pod were shaped at high temperatures using bespoke moulds.
The West Pier tollbooths were reconstructed using castings from the original structures.

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