Wednesday 10 May 2017

A new Archaeoiogy Gallery

The famous Hove amber cup
Thanks to the generous support of a private sponsor Brighton Museum is to get a new archaeology gallery.

The new gallery will be situated in one of the museum’s two local history galleries, Exploring Brighton, will close from 8 May 2017. Objects removed from Exploring Brighton will be considered for redisplay as part of a later refresh of the museum’s approach to telling Brighton & Hove’s stories.

Plans for the structure and content of the new gallery are still being developed but there will be a strong emphasis on the personal stories of Brighton & Hove ancestors.  The museum is working with scientists in the fields of archaeology and DNA profiling, to learn new things about the people who lived locally in the past.

Recent years have seen strong local support for the development of a gallery to showcase the city and region’s rich archaeological collections, particularly since the introduction of Prehistory to the national curriculum in 2014. These factors, and recent evaluation of visitors’ experience and engagement with the city’s collections at Brighton Museum, have demonstrated demand for an archaeology gallery,

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