Thursday, 2 April 2015

Harold Turner in Hove

Harold George Turner, 1885 - 1961, started his career in the Brighton Borough Engineer's office in the 1900s. During WW1 he entered the family firm of Box & Turner and in 1920 set up his own architectural practice in Haywards Heath.

By the 1930's his style had crystallised into Sussex farmhouse vernacular, with references to the Arts & Craft showing in windows, chimneys and detailing and in the high quality of the interior fixtures and fittings. 

Such was the popularity of Turner's style that his houses are to be seen all over Haywards Heath and in the wider mid Sussex area including Eastbourne. They are always identifiable by the curly gutter brackets that were his signature.

In Brighton & Hove many of his houses can be seen in the Barrowfield estate in the Tongdean CA, a selection of which are shown below.

It is difficult to know how much of the original interiors have survived. Perhaps one day a proud owner will include their property on the Heritage Open Days programme? 


  1. Thanks for posting this - I have often seen these well designed houses and wondered who was responsible for them. Possible candidates for 'listing' perhaps?

  2. I stumbled across this blog when searching for Harold G Turner online. I have a house near Hove Park built in a fairly unusual style even for this area. It is built in a Tudor revivalist style, but the interior is something of a shrine to the Arts & Craft movement. I always thought it was unusual, but couldn't find anything about the architect or the person that commissioned the build in 1922. Someone sent me property details of a near identical house in Cuckfield which included reference to Harold Turner. My house (and the one in Cuckfield) would appear to be one of his more unusual designs! I'd love to find out more about Mr Turner or the individual that would have commissioned this house. Any advice or suggestions greatly appreciated!
    Simeon Adams

    1. Simeon, there was a pamphlet published about him about some years ago. Try the Regency Society or The Keep.

    2. Thank you for this. Have made enquiries to both this morning. I wasn’t aware of The Keep previously. This should be a step toward making the case for listing. Thanks again.

  3. Please keep in touch. I would love to hear how you get on. I strongly feel this period and style of architecture is sadly unappreciated and disappearing fast. My email address is below.

  4. I share your concern. I'll e-mail you a picture of my house and what has happened to the neighbouring house, originally built in a similar style. Thus investigating getting the place listed! Thanks again!

  5. I too stumbled across this whilst searching for Harold Turner. We are in the process of renovating our Harold Turner house in Hove and would love to stay true to the original details. Unfortunately a lot of the original interior has already been removed/amended and I am struggling to find details on the interior look of these houses. Would love to know if anyone has any suggestions on where to find more info for the interiors.


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