Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Cobblestone walls

In Little East Street.
In Brighton many cobblestone walls were traditionally tarred black, probably to waterproof the mortar to some extent; and, with quoins picked out in white or cream, the overall effect is charming.

Mighell Street Farmhouse
Occasionally cobbles and quoins are left bare. Perhaps this occurs in more expensive properties where the work has been carried out to a higher standard.
In either case the sense of architectural heritage is aesthetically manifested.

However the modern expedient of painting over cobbles and quoins with one colour has the quite opposite effect.
In Church Street.
In East Street.
The overall result is to make the frontage look shabby and the perpetrators seemingly ashamed of its history.

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  1. To be honest I've learned to be grateful that they are not demolishing yet another piece of heritage. I'm not going to nitpick about a bit of paint.


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