Tuesday 21 October 2014

Aquarium Terraces development

Area of development
Cylindrical building 'A'
Planning application BH2014/02654 proposes some fairly drastic alterations to the first floor level of the Aquarium terraces over the Sea-Life Centre.The top floor of building A would be demolished and replaced with a much larger building on two floors housing 3 restaurants and, at the east end, a private members' club.

Each unit has its own sun terrace, the club's with a plunge pool with changing facilities under. The south elevations are fully glazed but the north elevation presents a mainly stone-clad elevation to Marine Parade, meaning that for a distance of about 65 yards views of the sea and Pier will be denied to the pedestrian in Marine parade.

On the plus side however the existing unattractive roofs will be abolished.

The work will include restoration of the existing stone work, paving and the 1920's pavilion at the west end of the site. The oval glass building 'B' will be removed, so enhancing the setting of the pavilion.

Building 'B'


  1. hello, I am an architecture student at Brighton university, I am researching on this aquarium and was wondering where you got the 3d drawings of the aquarium? thank you.

  2. They are on planning application BH2014/02654 which can be found on the City Council's Planning Register:- http://ww3.brighton-hove.gov.uk/index.cfm?request=c1199915&node=20476


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