Wednesday, 10 September 2014

The Sixty-Six Hotel - 2

Another view of the "Sixty-Six Hotel" formerly in Montpelier Road.

For history see:- "Belvedere".


  1. This is just as I remember it- sunlit afternoons on the lawns, always beautifully kept, although I'm sure that the clump of trees in the centre of the picture had grown taller by the time I was acquainted with the Park Royal, as it was by then known.
    Behind the photographer is a fishpond, which I found out was very deep, as one afternoon just like this one, I managed to step backwards into it, and got taken home half drowned and covered in weed! I guess I was only about 6 or 7 at the time. Further back from the pond, in contrast to the lawns, the garden was quite wild and untended, and rose in a steep, wooded bank so you could look over the wall and down into Norfolk Terrace. I'm sure the garden furniture was the same in the 60's.
    Thank you so much for this picture, its a snapshot from childhood memory. How did you come by it?

  2. Hi Mark, I live exactly opposite now and am enjoying reading about the history so much, thank you. Do you know why it was demolished? Such a beautiful building, would love to look at that now instead of Park Royal flat. Did you live in Montpelier Road out of interest? Since you posted this, have you found any other photos? Kate


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