Tuesday 12 August 2014

7 Ship Street Gardens - update

Plans for the redevelopment of 7, 7a, 7b, Ship Street Gardens have resurfaced in application BH2014/02485.

As can be seen from the above artist's impression some attempt has been made to soften the somewhat forbidding flint wall by surmounting it with railings through which a climbing plant can ramble. The proposed one to two storey office building behind has graduated sloping roofs that will allow maximum light into the twitten and is L-shaped around a small courtyard. 

The overall design looks attractive and the courtyard, it is suggested, will be densely planted around its edges to form a small green oasis. Unfortunately neither the building or the courtyard will be visible to the passers-by. Yet as the property isn't residential the needs for privacy need not be so stringent as that of similarly sited gardens along the twitten. The solid wooden gate should be replaced with a wrought iron one.

Proposed plan


  1. It would make a delicious home!

  2. You are absolutely right Barry.

  3. So many empty offices in Brighton, why ruin what would make a really nice home?


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